How to Become a Desirable Borrower in a Post-Lockdown World


With business for many uncertain in a post-lockdown world, some lenders are becoming more stringent on their borrowing criteria. For out of the norm borrowers, like major developers whose funds are tied up elsewhere, this could make purchasing land or property even more complicated.

So, to help make the process as pain-free as possible, we’ve put a list together of things you can do to put yourself in the best position possible and appear desirable to lenders.

Get Organised and Up-to-Date

With so much going on, sometimes it’s easy for paperwork to pile up. Of course, you know what’s going on generally, but do you know exactly where your money has been spent and where it will be in the immediate future?

Spend a day getting organised and up-to-date, speak to your accountant or any advisors you have, and make sure all info is easy to find. Knowing your numbers will not only take a load off your back, but will also help to speed up the application process and promote a professional image.

Adopt Good Financial Habits

Of all our financial health tips, maintaining good day-to-day financial habits is one of the most fundamental. By being organised, you can show you’ve managed previous projects well and are capable of doing so in future.

Whether it’s paying invoices on time, paying yourself a wage, or making sensible investments, a good credit history and track record will reflect well on you during an application phase.

Recognise the End Goal

Of course, the end goal is usually to make money. However, putting together projections and planning for every eventuality during these uncertain times can help give both you and a lender peace of mind. So, be realistic and do your costings!

At the end of the day, if a lender is guaranteed to make a return, what have they got to lose lending to you?

Work with an Experienced Broker

Now we may be slightly biased here, but it is true that working with an experienced finance broker can help your chances of securing the funds you need to make your project a reality. Covid, or not.

By tapping into years of experience in the sector and strong relationships with both high-street and bespoke lenders, a broker can help position your application with the right lenders at the right time, helping you to look as desirable as possible.

Whether that means looking past current circumstances and to the end value a year or so down the line, or showing off your property expertise, we’re here to help you look ace.

Get in touch with our team today to see how we can work with you to secure the finance you require.


Article By Ben Lloyd

September 10th, 2020

Ben is the Director and Co-Founder of the Pure Group and is Managing Director of Pure Structured Finance’s sister company, Pure Property Finance.

Following a career in Barclays, where Ben was in the real estate finance team for 8 years, he decided that the market needed a more forward-thinking type of commercial brokerage so founded Pure Property Finance, the first company within the Pure Group.

Ben has extensive experience across the real estate sector and has participated in over £2bn of real estate transactions during the course of his career. Ben oversees the general strategy at Pure Group and works with the senior leadership team to drive the Group forward. Ben is also on the Executive Committee of FIBA.

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