Commercial Bridging Finance

We provide unrivalled access to short-term lending that benefits clients across all commercial real estate asset classes. This could be due to a quick purchase, a development angle or to manage an asset as it is currently un-fundable on a term basis

This includes hospitality, healthcare, office, retail, industrial, development sites as well as specialty use commercial real estate.

Key Features

Through our collective knowledge, industry experience and comprehensive analysis, Pure Structured Finance produce and present competitive finance proposals to our funding panel. In such a fluid market with an ever-changing lender appetite no two deals are the same. Some of the key points are:

  • 75% LTV, 100% against purchase price
  • Fast completion
  • Utilise an ‘option’ to purchase at under value
  • Fully-structured, bespoke debt advisory
  • Pre-planning/PD schemes
  • All UK and certain EU jurisdictions considered
  • Terms from 3 months – 3 years
  • Restructuring current loans where DSCR or covenants have been breached

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Short-term finance, long-term property goals

Commercial bridging facilities can be used for a wide variety of purposes with essentially the only main point being that it has a commercial use class. At Pure Structured Finance we have an excellent track record and the experience needed to facilitate your commercial property requirement.

For example, a commercial bridge can be used to acquire a fully tenanted commercial property quickly, allowing time to let the property to then qualify for a long-term commercial loan or gain planning to refinance onto a development loan.

The speed of completion and the lack of early repayment charges help our clients to be able to make the bridging finance work for them and their scheme. The flexible nature of these facilities allows you to minimise your own equity input and maximise the value in your commercial property.

Main uses of Commercial Bridging

Clients are often surprised at the assets that can have finance raised against them. If it has a value and a realistic exit strategy there will be a lender out there willing to look at it, and as you are adding value, the ability to make a profit is always higher.

To cover the main uses:

  • Need to purchase a property quicky due to the vendor not allowing the time to gain a long-term mortgage. In most cases these are income producing assets and maybe being bought at auction
  • There is a development angle. Typically, a vacant office or warehouse where the developer sees potential in gaining planning/PD and then either selling for a profit or developing themselves
  • Income producing but not mortgageable. As bridging finance is not bound by the serviceability of banks it can be flexible on its approach to the income of the asset. The asset may need 1-2 years before it can be refinanced onto something long term. In periods of uncertainly and high interest rates, we see an increase in the need to assist in refinance/stabilisation loans

Why use us?

Trust builds relationships, relationships create results


We can advise on a solution, cost, timings etc from the initial consultation. We can also act quickly to source the funding you require with unrivalled knowledge of the market and process. We assist you through the application and deal with relevant professionals


We’ll present a detailed and compelling overview of the opportunity, its market opportunity, strategy, and capital structure, tailored specifically to the target recipient. With decades of experience in the industry, we act as a financial consultant for your business


There is a not a fixed asset class we cannot structure short-term finance for. Including, but not restricted to, office, retail, PBSA, residential, hotels, industrial, renewables or mixed-use portfolio


An unparalleled offering - Clients with a requirement to access to all fund types to meet their lending needs. From family offices, institutions, international/specialist banks, pension funds, private funds, and other providers

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