Finish and Exit Finance

We structure residential and commercial finance for part-completed development schemes (£250k – £100m+).

This can support a new acquisition, or refinance current funding to complete construction and provide units for sale or letting.

Key Factors

Ideal for an opportunistic developer looking to purchase a site that is part-built due to the potential upside in profit, potential complexity and lack of standard funding.

Or, for those mid development with a requirement to restructure the current debt/equity package.

  • £250k - £100m+
  • 95% LTC
  • 75% LTGDV
  • Rates from 5% + margin p.a.
  • Can fund at any point in the build program
  • All asset classes considered
  • 100% funding available
  • All UK and certain EU jurisdictions considered

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How to unlock or save a part-completed development

We have noticed a rapid increase in requirements from our developers and professional contacts to provide capital solutions for part completed projects.

The 2 typical situations are:

(1) The current projects have come into difficulties and the current developer needs to restructure their current funding proposal. One of the main situations is linked with delays on sites and the sustained increase in construction costs. This leads to under-capitalised developers with a need to refinance and increase funding purely to stop the project coming to a standstill. But, it can also link to issues with the lender not having funds, or the contractor going into liquidation.

(2) Or, subsequently, the previous was not achievable and the site is up for sale so looking to acquire. While these are complex situations, due to the position of the project, for experienced developers these can also pose a compelling opportunity to purchase at undervalue, with a shorter build period to fruition – which means higher returns and financial rewards.

How it works?

  • An initial loan is provided to purchase the site, or refinance the current lender
  • The lender will be reassured by works that have been completed to this point, typically by relying on what is already in place and consulting professional parties that any risks are mitigated
  • It will be structured like a development loan where tranches are provided as construction continues
  • Exit will be the same as a normal development, through sale or refinance

Most funders like to be in place from inception, so it’s using our knowledge of the market to work with specialist funders who are capable of understanding the complexities and risk.

Read our blog on the rise in part completed developments here.

Why use us?

Trust builds relationships, relationships create results


We can advise on a solution, cost, timings etc from the initial consultation. We can also act quickly to source the funding you require with unrivalled knowledge of the market and process. We assist you through the application and deal with relevant professionals


We’ll present a detailed and compelling overview of the opportunity, its market opportunity, strategy, and capital structure, tailored specifically to the target recipient. With decades of experience in the industry, we act as a financial consultant for your business


There is a not a fixed asset class we cannot structure short-term finance for. Including, but not restricted to, office, retail, PSBA, residential, hotels, industrial, renewables or mixed-use portfolio


An unparalleled offering - Clients with a requirement to access to all fund types to meet their lending needs. From family offices, institutions, international/specialist banks, pension funds, private funds, and other providers

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