Refurbishment Finance

We structure finance for projects where internal works and extensions are carried out on a property, however big or small. Refurbishment finance can provide funding for the acquisition or refinance of an asset, as well as the works to create finished units for sale or letting.

Key Features

Each scheme, location, financials and client are different. To fully understand the project, presenting in the right way to the preferred funder is key:

  • Up to 85% LTV, or 75% LTV day 1 and 100% of work costs
  • Fast completions
  • With planning or under Permitted Development
  • Light and Heavy Refurb products available
  • Potentially no QS requirements (dependent on level of works and experience)
  • Quick drawdowns for works
  • Multiple projects at one time
  • Terms from 1 month- 24 months

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Why a refurbishment loan?

Refurbishment loan facilities exist for a multitude of reasons. Whether it be; converting/updating of an existing building, the addition of another room, a side elevation, rear extension or even expanding into the roof, Refurbishment bridging provides you with a quasi-development/bridging facility to obtain the security with the initial draw and complete the works with another/others.

With the asset remaining largely structurally untouched, finance can be stretched, in some cases up to 80-85% of the initial property value, including capital for works, the increase in value created can allow you to either refinance onto more traditional finance or sell and benefit from the increase in value.

We’ve helped multiple clients benefit from this type of structure, as it gives them the opportunity to complete several schemes at once, or either increase the quantity and/or size. You can grow your portfolio by refinancing and releasing all your invested capital into the next project, or you can sell and upscale.

Why use us?

Trust builds relationships, relationships create results


We prepare our own presentations detailing a compelling overview of the prospect, its market opportunity, strategy, and capital structure, tailored specifically to the target recipient. With decades of experience in the industry, we act as a financial consultant for your business


Developed and maintained excellent relationships with the investors/lenders and various professionals we work with. These relationships help to ensure our clients will receive serious consideration on their projects and the right advice


We structure finance for office, retail, PBSA, residential, hotels, BTR, industrial, or mixed-use developments which are wholly or significantly pre-let


Developers seeking highly-geared funding to undertake larger (or multiple) projects financed by family offices, institutions, international/specialist banks, pension funds, private funds, and other providers of debt and equity

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