Mezzanine Finance

If you need a funding top-up and want to obtain maximum return with minimum cash contribution, consider mezzanine funding with Pure Structured Finance.

Key Features

As a second charge loan, mezzanine finance is viewed separately to any existing loans or finance. Its key features are:

  • All levels of debt and equity.
  • Fully-structured, bespoke deals.
  • No geographical or maximum funding limits.

Diversify your capital structure

If your main lender required a greater cash contribution than you have, your project has previously been undervalued, or you simply want to retain some capital for other potential projects, structured mezzanine finance could help.

A hybrid of debt and equity financing, our goal is to make this complex form of lending as quick and straightforward as possible, so you can concentrate on your property project.

Get the maximum return for your cash contribution with our help.

Why use us?

We know we can help you, but why should you choose us?


A speedy service - get a quick deal, so you can break ground sooner.


A personal approach – a friendly point of contact throughout the process.


Years of experience – we’re true specialists with strong lender relationships.


An unparalleled offering – get your application seen by over 60 lenders.

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